SCCE Seminars

Come to one of our SCCE seminars!  All seminars are at 5:00 pm, and will be held at Vineyard Anaheim Church.

Please tell us which seminar you plan to attend when you register for the SCCE Gathering.

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Is Truly Biblical Classroom Management Possible?
Dr. Luciano Cid, Professor, School of Education, Biola University

For years now, teachers in schools have continued to employ models of classroom management that are based on behaviorist theories, with some success but also with significant spiritual limitations. This workshop will compare and contrast three contemporary philosophical perspectives towards behavior management (i.e., Behaviorism, Restorative Justice, and Redemptive Discipline). Then we will learn together why and how Christian educators can go beyond the Behaviorist and Restorative Justice approaches in order for their students to increase their understanding, their capacity for, and their demonstration of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.


Vital Behaviors for Future (or Current) Administrators
Dr. Doug Domene, Dean, College of Education, Hope International University

Have you ever thought of becoming an Administrator?  Dr. Doug Domene, Dean of the College of Education at Hope International University and retired Superintendent of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District will share what he considers the vital behaviors and essential skills necessary to being a successful school administrator.

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Bridging the Gap: A Pedagogy of Jesus Christ
Dr. Terrelle B. Sales, Professor of Graduate Education, Vanguard University

This workshop will help Christian educators understand the importance of bridging the gap between faith and practice. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce Christian educators to the praxis of Jesus, culminating in the practical application of a Christocentric pedagogy that can be utilized both with the classroom and in life. Too often theology and pedagogy are epistemologically constructed as separate entities in both comprehension and application, through looking at three aspects of Jesus pedagogy, educators will get the opportunity to finally bridge the gap between theology and education, looking to the greatest expression of both, Jesus Christ.


Setting the Captives Free: Spiritual Warfare on Campus
David Schmus, Executive DirectorChristian Educators Association International

Have you ever wondered if there are spiritual powers wreaking havoc in your classroom, on your campus, and in the lives of your students? Or even in your own life? Come learn the key principles of how our enemy operates, how to identify his work, and effectively come against it. Jesus spent much of his earthly ministry setting people free from the power of the enemy, and so can we. He has called us out of fear to set the captives free.


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